Your Bond Back with Professional Vacate Cleaning

Moving? With all the packing, it is not surprising that cleaning is the last thing on your mind. But if you want your bond, normally amounting to a month’s worth of rent returned, you have to think of leaving your place very clean for the next tenant. Should you do it on your own or hire professionals? Leaving your rental property as clean as you found it is the job vacate cleaning Camberwell experts can perfectly do for you.

So, you decide to hire professional cleaners. If you get the suggested cleaners of your property manager, expect them to charge you more than if you hire the vacate cleaning in Camberwell experts on your own. Why? The one your property manager got for you has to pay him from 10-30 percent commission for bringing the job to them. And you are not sure of the kind of cleaning they will do. Worse, you might redo the cleaning. Hire a vacate cleaning service that follows real estate agents’ standard of cleanliness.

Checklist of a Professional Vacate Cleaning Service

Cleaning companies differ in their services but here is a generalized list of what you can expect from vacate cleaning Camberwell specialists.


– Expect the use of surface-safe cleaners like wood cleaners or tile cleaners

– Wipe the inside and the outside of cupboards, doors and counters

– Replace torn liners

– Clean windows, screens, sinks and taps

– Remove food residue from drains

– Mop

*Living Room and Bedrooms

– Wipe and remove stains from walls

– Clean windows, screens, light switches, vents and light fittings

– Sweep and mop floor

* Bathroom

– Wash the inside and outside of drawers, shelves and cupboards and remove scuff marks

– Clean walls, windows, mirrors, shower, glass doors, shower screens, shower grout, toilet bowl, cistern, pipes, sinks and faucets

– Mop

* Garage and Driveway

– Wash windows

– Remove items that weren’t there when you first rented

– Remove dust, cobwebs, oil stains

* Patios and Yards

– Mow, trim hedges and remove weeds, leaves, twigs, dead fruit, etc.

– Sweep and hose off walkways

You see, getting your bond isn’t easy. Get Camberwell Vacate cleaning professionals for the skill and experience in getting your rental house in shape and your complete bond back.

How to Hire a Vacate Cleaning Service

Tell the company the number of rooms they will clean, what needs cleaning and when you need this done. After this, they’ll give you a cost estimate. On the exact day, they will tell you what is going to happen. Ask them anything.

Choosing the best vacate cleaning in Camberwell today means the team goes above and beyond house cleaning. They are efficient, they pay attention to details and they simplify everything while making sure your home gets cleaned. They have resources with the best quality.

Much as there’s a dispute on whether it is an end of lease clean, bond clean or vacate cleaning, the goal is to get your bond back and make your old place professionally clean.

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