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Student Living: Three Tips on Budgeting to Pay Rent

Are you coming to Australia for your academic endeavors? Foreign exchange students are always welcomed for quality education and a great stay in the country. Even if you’re a local Aussie moving closer to your university, it’s also a good decision! Being away from home may be tough, but paying for accommodation fee is tougher! If you are looking for budget student accommodation, there are tips for you. Read on below.

Being a student and financer

Moving away from your parents’ home is not all easy. In fact, students who live in budget student accommodation rooms have reported that they frequently need to manage their finances in order to make it to the month’s rent and other extracurricular expenses, like food and transportation. There’s books and other papers to be bought, too. So, you need to budget everything in order to survive the semester or two.

If you’re someone planning to avail for student accommodation rent, you should be ready. So, what are three major tips on how to budget your money to pay rent, buy basic needs, and have savings at the same time? Here are the following below:

  1. Set aside the money for the accommodation fee – This is a priority. If you’re a foreign exchange student, you should be doing this, unless you want to get kicked out of your living quarters and find another one immediately in which you don’t have any idea where. This can be applied to every student, whether local or foreign, so you should set aside the exact amount of payment for your budget student accommodation monthly or annually.
  1. Have a budget for basic expenses – Basic needs, like food, drinking water, and hygiene products, should be bought whenever you go to the grocery near to your accommodation. For food, foreign students can select their native delicacies or have something local, as it is for the Aussie boarding students. Drinking water should be included whether in bottles or gallons. Hygiene products, like shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, and toothpaste, should also be bought. Have a limit on what amount you’re gonna splurge on. Check it out at Student One
  1. Limit your unnecessary spending – Going to hit the bar for a few drinks with friends? Eating a lunch buffet twice a week? Buying a designer item to wear for school? Unless you have more money than usual or upgrading to a luxury student accommodation, you should save your money from disappearing and use it as an emergency fund. You’ll never know when you will need money for emergency purposes, like paying a hospital bill or a debt.

With constant discipline for budgeting, you’ll make it through paying for rent month after month, until you finish the education you hope for. However, if you’re planning to stay for just a few weeks or months, you can search up for short stay student accommodation offers in Australia. Rest assured that even with staying for a short period, you can experience comfort and safety.

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