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Housing has become one of the important issues in Australia. The supply of residential plots is not commensurate with the growing demand for houses. There was a time when homes in Australia had enough space to play cricket in the backyard. But, this trend has gone into the history books because of the growing demand for residential plots. In order to meet the growing demand, some of the builders Perth wide have embarked on a unique plan to sell plots as small as 80 square meters.

Micro plots:

With this proposal, the demand for housing plots can be resolved to some extent. Further, according to the Urban Development Institute of Australia, plots measuring less than 200 square meters are regarded as micro block housing. Interestingly, the 80-squaremeter blocks now being released by builders Perth based constitute about 4.3% of the overall expected blocks proposed to be released.

Strategically located:

On the other hand, the builders Perth market has today have also released about 23 plots in the range 450 to 700 square meters valued at a median price of about AUD 210000. These plots are strategically located and most of the public utility services are available at a short distance from the proposed house plots.

Houses of excellent design:

Several such house plots are coming up in various parts of Australia. On the other hand, houses of innovative design built by some of the home builders Perth based have won the prestigious Master Builders Housing Excellence Awards as well. Perhaps, Perth is one of the places in Australia where you can see excellently designed houses.

Follow the norms:

The Department of Commerce, Government of Australia suggests that the process of home building should be divided into three parts namely choosing a plot, choosing a design and choosing suitable builders in Perth WA. In addition to these, it should also be ensured that the house so built should be in accordance with the norms of local council and also in strict compliance with the norms of sustainable energy recently introduced by the Government of Australia.

Consult an attorney:

Further, before buying the plot you should understand the area where the plot is situated. Consider nearness to public utility series like banks, schools, parks and access to the public transport system and so on. Further, you should also carefully go through the terms and conditions of the house builders in Perth. If you are looking for a turnkey project, then you should ask the builder about the details of items like the air conditioner, antenna and types of windows and so on. In short, under the turnkey project, you should meticulously breakdown the cost to the micro level to the extent possible. You should independently consult an attorney about the terms and conditions of the agreement proposed by the builder.

Look for rebates;

Some of the builders even offer development of landscape or fencing as a rebate. You should make the best use of such offers. That would help you to save a considerable amount of money as well.


Construction of your dream home is a major investment of your life. Your investment will be wise when you avail the services of reputed and experienced builders like the This is because such reputed builders always value their goodwill and they would never compromise on the quality of construction and strictly follow business ethics.

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