How to Incorporate Beautiful Latin Styled Décor Ideas to Your Luxurious Interior Home Design

The world of interior design reportedly observed the death of Sandy Gallin, a producer, talent director and master at Luxury Home Designing for the elite, at the age of 76. Although Hollywood mansions are known for features like design sloping block homes and dual occupancy designs, you can incorporate the following luxury home designing ideas in your next home for a Latin-themed paradise.


Luxury Home Designing


Colourful Walls


Make your next luxury home designing project unique by adding more to just metal, glass and wooden elements. A touch of Latin design adds the right twist of exotic aesthetics and warmth to wide open spaces and high ceilings. The creative Latin cultures have been known to add beautiful elements like shells, bits of tiles and smooth pebbles to their colorful homes.


Details in the Bathroom


If you have a small bathroom, consider professionally painting a wrap-around mural of a forest with animals or other floral ideas. You can also paint the entire bathroom one bold color like royal purple or a sunny marigold and add clay molding or elements to bring the room together.




Most Latin cultures are known for their beautiful handicraft designs, each handmade and unique. In case you are blueprinting your home from scratch, like knock down rebuild Melbourne builders offer to construct, you can think of adding brick, clay, and other organic elements to really bring your home together. Instead of exposed steel, you can consider wooden beams on your ceilings. Pottery can be bought at your local market or online to add an ethnic touch to your modern home.


Fresh Flowers


Bright flowers are usually a major attraction in homes in Spain and Mexico. Choose fresh sunflowers from your local farmer’s market that can be delivered or a florist specializing in exotic tropical flowers. You can buy floor pottery and fill them with long stemmed tropical flowers local to your area to add positive vibes to your luxurious new home.




All Latin homes like a lot of Italian or Sicilian homes find a way of incorporating handmade tiles to their homes. Sometimes they are colorful with a glazed finish or they could have a raw earthen color and texture as well. You can also consider tiling your roof which keeps your home cool in the summer saving on energy bills while making your home look more authentic.


Bar Area & Courtyard


In Latin countries, the courtyard is where the family spends time together. You can design your interior courtyard to be a place for dinners outdoors, without having to be in the backyard, or even design a small water feature or swimming pool for hot summer days. The bar area is another element that can be a part of your interior courtyard, filled with mirror and colorful elements.


Exclusive Furniture


Latin inspired furniture has a wide scope for design. From wrought iron garden furniture to grand stone tables, you can actually use almost any natural material that tends to be durable. Wooden chandeliers with tungsten bulbs make for a great statement piece as well.


If you are thinking of themes to add into your new luxury home or other luxury home design ideas, you can always look online at websites like or speak with a designer of your choice.

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