High Quality Roofs for a More Comfortable Home

Roof gutters installation and repairs at Newtech Roofing and other roofing companies require you to have ample knowledge about roofing jobs for you not to be scammed. Find out some of the basics about roofs.

Types of Roofs in Australia

  • Flat Roof – It is a low-pitch roof design that has at least an approximation of  10-degree inclination. It is mostly used in places with hot and arid climates where rain showers are minimal. Its design came from the ancient time, and flat roofs are usually utilised to become a living space.
  • Skillion Roof – Similar to a flat roof, Skillion roofs are designed with a more noticeable pitch and inclination on one side of the house. It is mainly made for exterior styling purposes, as well as the easy incorporation of ventilation in houses built in places with an arid climate.
  • Hipped Roof – This is one of the most common roofs used throughout the ages as this is considered feasible for all-weather climates and diverse environments. It is designed with 3 or more pitched roofs on all sides of the house. With this type of roof, you need roof gutters installation and repairs at Newtech Roofing and other roofing companies for expertly designed gutters.
  • Gabled Roof – Almost similar to hipped roofs, this type of roof design is commonly applied on intersecting roof pitches. It is distinguished by two triangular roof planes with a ridge in the mid-section. The interior part of the triangular shape is usually utilised as attics. Along with hipped roof design, this was also the most popular roof design in the 19th century because of its elegance and classy look.
  • Curved Roof – This is one of the modern roof designs which utilises metal sheets and other metal roofing materials. Aside from metal, it also uses roof tiles and shingles, depending on the house design and the surrounding landscape, commonly, coastal areas.

Tips on Finding the Right Roofing Experts in Sydney

  • Get referrals – avoid “knock-on-your-door” contractors

It is always best to choose a local contractor, as well as ask recommendations from your friends and relatives to know their own experiences with the contractors. If possible, avoid doing business with roofing contractors that suddenly appear at your front door and offer you incredibly cheap repair cost.

  • Know the contractor’s business profile

Licensing and insurance – Once you find a contractor to work with, always look for their license to operate, safety clearances, and ranking certificates, as well as tie-up agreements with insurance companies. Roof gutters installation and repairs at Newtech Roofing and other roofing contractors need to be genuine.

  • Be wise when dealing with price

Know the total damage cost, insurance coverage, and the contractor’s price. Keep in mind that getting a cheaper repair price may not be the best option as this might mean a substandard job. Also, talk to your insurance coverage provider, and not to your contractor when talking about insurances.

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