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Got a Property in Noosa? Here’s How You Can Maximise It

Noosa is in almost everyone’s travel bucket list, considering its scenic coastal trails, luxury cafes, and pristine beaches. So if you have real estate properties in this place, you can leverage the area’s consistently booming tourism industry to earn. Who knows your properties are the permanent rentals Noosa travelers have been dreaming of staying in. You can start earning by doing one or more of the following initiatives:

  1. Turn it into a permanent rental property.  Doing this gives you the chance to enjoy a fixed and consistent income. You can agree to get the rent on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly basis. Noosa rental properties will never run short of market, with the area’s thriving business and tourism industry.
  2. Consider renting it to short-term vacationers. To maximize your income, it’s also wise to offer both short-term and permanent rentals Noosa tourists can avail of. Aside from having long-term rental contracts, you might also like to set aside rooms at your home for tourists on short vacation.
  3. Resell it at a higher price. Refurbish, repaint, and renovate your home accordingly. Then, look for a reliable real property manager to put it on the market for sale. Unless you’re highly knowledgeable about the area’s market, avoid selling your property on your own. Allow experts to help you determine the best price for your properties.
  4. Convert it into a commercial space for rent. Commercial spaces have higher potential income than residential ones, especially if its located at Noosa where there’s a heavy influx of tourists. With your commercial space, you can have entrepreneurs as tenants. And if you come up with the right contract, your potential income could also increase depending on their sales or income.

Ways to Increase Your Income from Your Property

Earning from your real estate properties isn’t an overnight process. Before you can land a lucrative deal, you might need to make some adjustments to your properties. To get the basic improvement projects covered, do the following:

  1. Improve the structure. Have the property checked. Fix the water and electrical systems. Make sure the roofing and flooring are in top condition. Doing this allows you to demand the right rates for rentals Noosa tenants or travelers should pay.
  2. Allow an experienced real estate manager to handle it. Professionals know how to negotiate the price to ensure you get the best deal on your property.
  3. Set in place some safety features. Before you advertise your property as one of the “rent my house Noosaville options,” be sure to equip the place with strong safety features. Install CCTV cameras, set up mobility aids, and make the interior layout easily navigable. These are important, especially if you happen to have guests with elderly people with them.

You are truly blessed if you have real estate properties that are up for permanent rentals Noosa travelers can avail. Why so? This area of the Sunshine Coast is a top notch tourist destination, attracting thousands of people around the world. This means your properties are also lucrative, and you can use them to earn more passive income. If you are considering this option but are still in need of guidance, the real estate professionals at R & W Noosa can be of help. They can help you position your properties as leading properties travelers would love to rent.

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