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Common Variants of Skylights You Can Choose From

Skylight has become an inseparable element of modern buildings today. Diverse skylight products are currently available in the market.  These skylights come with different designs, features, and functionalities. It’s very important to install quality products like Velux roof windows from reputable skylight suppliers & installers. If you’re planning to install one, you can consider some popular variants of skylights below.

Fixed Skylight

The most traditional skylight the fixed version which is actually not ventilating. It comes with fixed-framed windows and is installed on your roofs aligning the tiles. Since fixed skylight isn’t ventilation, the main job is to pass on the sunlight to indoor instead of the air. A fixed skylight is a perfect solution to light rooms or spaces that don’t require ventilation. You can add more fixed skylights to invite more light but it may also increase and trap the heat. Otherwise, you can combine it with the ventilated Velux flat roof skylight to have balanced benefits for your room.

Ventilating/Ventilated Skylight

Ventilating skylight is a popular skylight that also works as the ventilation for your room or space. This type of skylight usually comes with tilting or sliding Velux roof windows and adorable designs. Despite passing on the light, a ventilating skylight also supplies fresh air into your home/building.

It currently has a wide application both for residential and commercial buildings as it promotes health and efficiency at the same time. However, it does require further discussion with Velux skylights Melbourne consultants to determine what, where and how many ventilating skylights you want to install on your roof. Take a look at Skylights Online

Smart Skylight

Today, leading skylight manufacturers like Velux offering innovative products including the smart ventilating skylight. This type of skylight offers a very convenient way to operate the ventilation and to control the indoor climate. Despite closing and opening the roof windows Melbourne dealers offer, you can also program the automatic airing based on the needs of your indoor activities through a special pad/remote control. It used electricity to operate but some smart skylight products are solar-powered. If you’re such a busy person with routines, the smart skylight could be your best ventilation solution.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are basically the fixed skylights but come in a tubular design to fit small areas of the roof. It doesn’t ventilate your room but pass on the light in the daylight and works apparently like the conventional light bulbs. For small spaces, tubular skylight does a great job to bring enough light to your working place. This type of skylight is also a practical solution if you require natural sunlight for specific spots in your room but don’t demand an outdoor view.

Customized/Tailored Skylight

Some houses or buildings feature distinctive shapes that don’t suit most skylight products. On the other hand, some people may have specific requirements that can’t be accommodated by standard Velux roof windows skylights. At this point, customized skylight installation could be the best solution. The vendor may apply different designs and types of skylight to accommodate the preferences. For more details, check it out at https://www.skylights-online.com.au/product/openable-roof-window/