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Bathroom Renovation Tips for Families Living with Seniors

The elderly are not as strong as before. They experience limited mobility due to old age. They are also prone to accidents, especially in the bathroom. That’s why families should have bathroom renovations to add safety features for seniors.

There are different ways to renovate a senior-friendly bathroom. The type of renovation depends on the needs of the elderly at home.

Before contracting for a renovation, you must first check what they might need. Do seniors need special grab bars? Do they need a modified bathroom?

Better yet, ask some bathroom renovators Melbourne has to offer about what the best bathroom modifications suit your needs.

If you want to learn about common bathroom modification ideas for seniors, here are some that will be useful to you:

Wide space to allow for more movement

A senior-friendly bathroom needs to have a wide area for movement. If the senior at home is in a wheelchair, a wider space is needed.

Always remember that you need to have a clear path going in and out of the bathroom.

Tight spaces can cause seniors to lose their balance because of limited space for movement.

Grab bars

The best bathroom renovations Melbourne building companies can do include the installation of grab bars and handrails.

In the shower area, there must be adequate grab bars installed on the walls. Proper positioning of these bars is very important.

Several bars must be installed at different levels. In case the senior slips, a low-level grab bar can help them stand up.

On the other hand, chest-level grab bars can be used as support while standing.

Toilet handrails

Some seniors need handrails to stand up after using the toilet. If the toilet is beside a wall, a sturdy grab bar will suffice.

However, some bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs homes had use toilet handrails on both sides to give the elderly grip support.

Adequate lighting

The holy grail of bathroom renovations is the incorporation of adequate light sources. A bathroom must be well lit at every angle.

Having adequate lighting can help seniors navigate around the bathroom with ease. That’s why families should consider proper interior bathroom lighting in the renovation plans.

Moreover, using white tiles on the floor and the walls can aid in making the room brighter.

Walk-in tubs

Bathtubs are definitely not senior-friendly. Some seniors find it hard to lift their legs to get in the tub. It also increases the risk of slips and other accidents.

That’s why a walk-in tub is the best type to have for families living with seniors. Instead of raising your legs, you have to open the tub’s door and walk through it. It also decreases the risk of accidents and slips when getting in and out of the tub.

If the senior wants to have a nice and warm bath, soaking in the tub for several hours can be a luxurious past time for them.

Seniors need all the love from their loved ones. Make them happy by making their life comfortable. Let MW Homes do the bathroom renovations for you. Visit https://www.mwhomes.com.au/bathroom-renovations-melbourne/ for more information.